An interactive look at health risks facing particular demographics by each state.

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Data retrieved from 2014 ACS 1-year estimates.

Correlations Between Health Risks and Poverty, Age, Income

Health Risks and Poverty

The data shows that as the percentage of poverty increases, the proportion of people who lack healthcare increases. Poverty may be a critical reason why there is a lack of access of healthcare across the US (or vice versa).

Health Risks and Age

Most of the data is clustered at the center of the chart, which indicates that the average age generally falls at 36-40 in each state across the US, and that age does not appear to be an important factor when considering if a person has access to healthcare. It is likely that other factors, such as income and poverty, are stronger determinants of health risks.

Health Risks and Income

There is no definitive pattern between household income and lack of healthcare. It is interesting to note that there is approximately 10-20% of people who lack healthcare, regardless of average income.