Ying Li, Ph.D
Hi, I'm Ying
PhD in Entomology with specialization in data exploration and visualizations. Actively seeking new opportunities as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Bioinformatics Scientist.


I am a self-starter who is passionate about using technology for social good.

Data Analysis

Pandas, matplotlib, scipy
REST API, BeautifulSoup

Web Development

Flask, Django
D3.js, plotly.js

Molecular Biology

Confocal microsopy
Fluorescent Imaging
DNA sequencing, RT-PCR

I'd love to chat:


YT Trends

Website, Data Analytics & Visualization, 2019

A webpage that compares Youtube series content with data analytics, visualizations, and observations.


Flask and Plotly.js, Data Analytics & Visualization, 2019

An interactive dashboard to explore a belly button dataset.


Flask App, Bioinformatics Research, 2018

A web application that identify protein PTMs and pieces together peptide fragments from mass spectrometry.

Freelance Web Designs

Websites, 2019

Self-directed the design of company websites for clients from concept to launch. Click below to see live websites.

Additional Projects

Citation Generator

Retrive Pubmed article information and generate citations.

Source Code

Mission To Mars

Web scraping (BeautifulSoup) latest news, photos, and stats from NASA.

Source Code


O-GlcNAcylation of PERIOD regulates its interaction with CLOCK and timing of circadian transcriptional repression

Li, Ying et al.


CK1alpha collaborates with DOUBLETIME to regulate PERIOD function in the Drosophila circadian clock

Lam, Vu, Li, Ying et al.


The molecular basis for light entrainment of insect clocks

Li, Ying et al.

Codon usage affects the structure and function of the Drosophila circadian clock protein PERIOD

Fu, JingJing, . . . Li, Ying et al.


The catalytic and non-catalytic functions of the Brahma chromatin-remodeling protein collaborate to fine-tune circadian transcription in Drosophila

Kwok, Rosanna, Li, Ying et al.

I'm committed to tackling hard problems, one data point at a time

I am passionate about data-driven impacts. At the office, at the home, or at the lab, I am curious about the technology that have inspired us to get here. With every data point I plot, I think about creating a meaningful story that deserves to be shared for all people.

Having earned a PhD in Entomology, I am refreshed, excited to create new experiences with data as a Data Scientist/Analyst or Bioinformatics Scientist. Currently, I am building data-driven projects through the Data Analytics and Visualization program at UC Berkeley Extension. Please do not hesitate to reach out - I am available for a conversation!